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Introducing Dr. J. Scott Gillis and Dr. John A. Gillis

Scott and John remember back in 1978 saying, “There must really be something to this Chiropractic stuff!”


Meet Westerville, Ohio chiropractor Dr. J. Scott Gillis

After our Dad had lifted a 300 pound outboard motor off of our boat and put it in a wheelbarrow on a Saturday afternoon, by Sunday morning he was in such severe pain he could hardly move. We wanted to take him to the hospital (because as children we thought he might need a spine transplant) but he said to call our neighbor, who was a good friend of a local chiropractor. So we called and the fine doctor agreed to meet us at his office that morning before church. Dad was bent over and said he felt like he had no legs under him. So we very carefully got our Dad into the back of the van. We knew this was very serious since Dad let Mom drive!


Meet Lima, Ohio chiropractor, Dr. John A. Gillis

Anyway, we got to the Chiropractors’ office, and I’ll never forget the compassion and confidence this Doctor had. He said, “Don’t worry boys; your old man will be OK. I see this all day, EVERYDAY!” We carried him into the examining room (like a wounded soldier in a war) and set him on the exam table and went out and sat in the van. About 30 minutes later, to our amazement, he came walking out like a NEW man (not a caveman). We couldn’t believe that he had NO shots, NO pills, NO surgery and NO PAIN! That’s when our Chiropractic journey began.

Within the year, our dad actually quit his job at Ford Motor Co., and we moved to St. Louis. All three of us attended Logan Chiropractic College with Dad graduating in 1982, Scott in 1984 and John in 1986. Since then, over the last 30 years we have treated over 30,000 different patients, and given over 4 million adjustments!

Dr. Chad Gillis

Meet Lima, Ohio chiropractor, Dr. Chad Gillis

Chiropractic Can Help You!

Most of our patients receive relief within 5-7 visits. We feel this is mostly due to our philosophy to never hold anything back from our patients! Here’s how it works ˜ first we give you pain relief or “band-aid care,” then we attempt to “stabilize” your condition with rehabilitation and strengthening to work toward MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement) and finally, we help you maintain that correction and that’s the “Ultimate Goal” called WELLNESS!

We never forget that we work for you and you’re the BOSS. We’ll tell you what you need, and give you what you want. You stay in the drivers’ seat throughout your treatment. At Gillis Chiropractic when we treat your health problems, we always give you straightforward answers, and what we feel is the best Chiropractic Care available with genuine concern and a smile…but the main thing we give you is your health back.

Dr. Scott Gillis is 58 years old and practices in Westerville.

Dr. John Gillis is 56 years old and practices in Lima, Ohio.

Dr. Chad Gillis is 30 years old and practices in Lima, Ohio.

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