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Supportive Therapies

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitative Exercises in conjunction with your chiropractic treatment definitely helps expedite the healing process. We have learned over the years, when we work together as a team to get the job done…we both WIN! Dr. Gillis always advises his patients of the therapies and exercises designed to get you back on the road to good health as fast as possible.

The following are some of the therapies we offer at Gillis Chiropractic Clinics:


Diathermy is a deep heat from a short wave source that is applied to the injured areas to help increase the supply of alkaline blood and enhance the reduction of acidity in the damaged tissues. This increased circulatory response assists in reducing muscle spasms and promotes healing of injured ligamentous tissues.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is placed bilaterally on the injured musculature for the purpose of rehabilitation and mechanical exercise and stimulation of the weakened muscles. In addition, the sedation of hypersensitive nerves in the traumatized area was treated and general metabolic improvements are obtained through the use of this modality.

lntersegmental Spinal Traction (Spinalator)

lntersegmental Spinal Traction utilizes a specialized traction table that gently rolls and stretches the spinal segments. It is used to help rehabilitate by increasing flexibility and range of motion with the patient’s spinal structural problems. This assists in the reduction of fixations, the stretching of shortened ligament and muscle tissue and also aids in centering of the vertebra throughout the spinal column.

Cervical Traction

Cervical Traction in the form of Mechanical Long Axis Inertial Traction is used to assist in the re-establishing of proper bone position caused by the ligamentous injury evident in the cervical spine. This also helps reduce intradiscal pressure, resets Golgi Tendon mechanisms, and helps correct muscular imbalance.

Cervical lntersegmental Traction

Cervical lntersegmental Traction is applied to the Cervical Spine to assist in breaking up fibrotic scar tissue that forms as a result of traumatic insult to the surrounding soft tissue. In combination with Cervical Traction, the ligamentous tissue is significantly assisted in re-establishing proper elasticity.

Rehabilitative and Therapeutic Exercises

Keeping muscles strong and flexible is an important step in the treatment and prevention of back, neck and extremity problems. Specific strengthening exercises can promote joint health, prevent muscle deterioration and protect the body from new or recurring injuries. Our patients are instructed on how to do low intensity exercises and stretches that are designed to improve the strength and posture of the involved spinal areas. Activities for daily living and home management instructions are also used to enhance the effect of the healing phase of care that patients receive in our office. They are also informed on how to follow a specific pattern of accomplishing these tasks in order to avoid re-injury.


Diane D. Sokol, LMT BWC Certified Massage Therapist at our Westerville Ohio Clinic.

Massage Therapy

We currently have three BWC certified licensed massage therapists on staff at Gillis Chiropractic. The benefits received from a massage therapy session are: it increases joint flexibility and range of motion, improves circulation, reduces painful muscle spasms and inflammation, helps lower heart rate and blood pressure, relaxes tight muscles, relieves pain associated with chronic tension, improves energy and alertness, reduces anxiety levels, stimulates the release of endorphins, and strengthens the immune system.

Lima : Kris Binkley, LMT / Chloe Ward, LMT
Westerville: Diane D. Sokol, LMT

Chloe Ward, LMT

Chloe Ward, LMT, Certified Massage Therapist at our Lima, Ohio Clinic.

Ultra Sound (currently at Lima location only)

Therapeutic ultrasound is a form of deep heat therapy created by sound vibrations. Sound waves penetrate tissues deep in the body creating a pumping action and heat. This micro-massage helps reduce inflammation, decrease pain and stiffness, improve blood flow and increase joint range of motion.

Decompression Traction Therapy (currently at Lima location only)

Decompression Traction Therapy is used to treat spinal dysfunctions such as disc herniation, disc bulges, facet syndrome, degenerative disc disease and sciatica by separating the vertebrae and decompressing the disc to relieve nerve pain and irritation.

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